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Fishes and Pirates and Cowboys, Oh My!

Jeffrey has taken a temporary leave from his home base in New York to perform with The Great American Melodrama and Vaudeville in Oceano, CA.  He'll be playing Bobby in "The Fish Whisperer" March 21-May 11, Freddy (Frederic) in "Pirates of Pismo" (an adaptation of Penzance) May 17-July 6, and a mystery role he'll find out later in "Gun Smokin'" July 12-September 7

“‘The Sorcerer’ contains one of Gilbert & Sullivan’s first patter songs, songs with moderately fast to very fast tempo with a rapid succession of rhythmic patterns. This patter song features the sorcerer, John Wellington Wells, wonderfully played by Jeffrey Laughrun, whose singing, dancing and physicality are perfect for the role.”
-The Enterprise

“Highlight of the show: Hands down, it’s Jeffrey Laughrun’s portrayals of all eight of the ill-fated D’Ysquiths…The characters ranged from a pretentious fop with animal skins around his neck, to a bumbling bishop, to a silent movie star. Each of Laughrun’s comedic characterizations is bang-on.”
-Cape Cod Times

“Highlight of the show:…Laughrun’s spritely and skilled rendition of the fast-moving, tongue-twisting introductory song for sorcerer John Wellington Wells.”
-Cape Cod Times

“I would say that Jeffrey stole the show, whether he was an Episcopal bishop or D’Ysquith Jr. or any of the other personae. He is adept in the use of body English, and various accents and facial expressions.”
-The Enterprise

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